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Is 3D software the future for online poker?

Written by: on 18th August 2011 |
Is 3D software the future for online poker?   | read this item

Playing poker via the internet is more popular than ever before, but could the latest 3D software signal a new phase for those who play this game online? Or will or prove to be a passing novelty?
When poker was first launched online, many argued that it would never gain significant popularity. Those who were already fans of the game felt that too much of what made poker what it was would be lost when playing over the internet. Playing face to face, of course, requires players to be able to bluff in a very different way to that in which they are likely to do so online.

Initial software was also very simplistic, allowing players simply to perform the basic moves which are required for a game. Since then, many online poker companies, such as PartyPoker (ES), have made significant software updates and developments. This has offered players a far more comprehensive playing experience, despite being one which is still somewhat different from playing against live competitors.

However, it seems like online poker could be set to move even closer to the real thing. Several online poker organisations, such as PKR, now offer the ability to play poker at a 3D table, against 3D contestants. Many claim that this is the next best thing to actually playing the game live, and the innovative software has caught the eye of keen players around the world.

However, many also claim that playing poker in 3D is simply a novelty, and one which will soon wear off. Already, the movie industry is beginning to see a decline in the popularity of its 3D releases, and it is perfectly possible that 3D poker will go the same way. Many poker players are also exceptionally loyal to one particular online poker site, and are likely to be reluctant to switch. Only time will tell if 3D poker is likely to be something which will be embraced by online poker sites across the board.

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