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Killer Whale Gone Wild and Killed His Trainer

Written by: on 25th February 2010 |
killer whale
Killer Whale Gone Wild and Killed His Trainer  | read this item

Dawn Brancheau, a trainer for SeaWorld Orlando died from multiple traumatic injuries and drowning after the killer whale pulled her into a pool. Co-workers couldn’t immediately help her because the whale was so aggressive after it grabbed her by her pony tail and pulled her in.

The Orange County Medical Examiner has confirmed that there was no foul play in the scene and all evidence indicates that it was a purely a tragic accident. The whale named Tilikum plays an important role in the social group of eight whales who live at Shamu Stadium. He’s the father of some whales and will continue to mate with other females and wont be isolated from other killer whales at the Orlando park.


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