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Kingfisher Calendar 2011 by Deepika Padukone

Written by: on 29th October 2010 |
Kingfisher Calendar 2011 by Deepika Padukone  | read this item

It’s time once again for the annual Kingfisher calendar, one of the most coveted places for aspiring models and beautiful women to have a chance at the limelight.

For the Kingfisher Calendar 2011, it will be Bollywood diva, Deepika Padukone together with the son of Kingfisher organization, Sidhartha Mallya who will select the lucky models who will join the Kingfisher calendar 2011.

As always, the Kingfisher calendar 2011 photos will be taken by photographer Atul Kasbekar. So who do you think will come out of this year, if you’ve already seen the hot picture gallery of the finalists?

Padukone was asked what she will be looking for from the girls and she said that what’s important will be the balance of physique, looks and intelligence. Much like what beauty pageants like Miss Universe is all about.

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