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Koscheck Will Knock St. Pierre In His Homeland in UFC 124

Written by: on 11th December 2010 |
Koscheck Will Knock St. Pierre In His Homeland in UFC 124  | read this item

This is going to be one of the best UFC fights ever. It’s time for UFC 124 entitled St. Pierre versus Koscheck. This is a championship fight for the Welterweight division. It would be held live the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec. Canadans are so proud to cheer their very own Georges St. Pierre who happens to be the title holder. He has been bee defending it for several times already and now he will face another tough challenger. Having the your own fighter fighting in your own land would truly encourage you to cheer for him live. That’s the very reason why days before the event, tickets are already sold out. For those who were not able to secure one, don’t worry that much because it would be surely be shown in several local sports channels. You could also resort to various sports sites wherein UFC 124 live stream are being offered.

St. Pierre will face Josh Koscheck. He is not an ordinary UFC fighter as he has displayed awesome martial arts skills in his previous fights. In in martial arts career, he was able to win 15 times are most of it are by way of decision. It is an indication that he can sustain the entire duration of the fight. This stamina to stand longer hours standing in the fight can be his ticket to grab the title. It has been a challenger’s dream to knock the champ out and this goal will be Koscheck’s inspiration to win. Even though majority of the crowd will not cheer for him, it’s not a hindrance after all. It may affect the fight in some way but it won’t affect the skills that you already possess.

Their fight would be very exciting to watch. Clear up you weekend schedules and together let’s witness this great event.

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