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Labor Day Presents West Indian Day Parade 2010

Written by: on 7th September 2010 |
Labor Day Presents West Indian Day Parade 2010  | read this item

Labor Day Presents West Indian Day Parade 2010 – Happy Labor Day everyone. Todays Labor Day is not only a celebration of the great work and contribution of workers to the economy of the United States but also a time for the family and for great sales happening across the United States.

One of the biggest celebration for Labor Day 2010 is the Brooklyn Labor Day parade dubbed as the West Indian American Day Parade and Carnival. This celebration and festivities is in its 42nd year. The event will happen September 5, 2010. The parade is also known and considered as the New York City’s biggest cultural festivals .

For the time, route and other information on the West Indian Day Parade 2010 let me share to everyone that this even begins at 11:00 am and the route begins at Utica Avenue to Grand Army Plaza along the Eastern Parkway. As there will be around 2 million people at the big event the advice is NOT to drive but to take the subway to the parade using these alternatives. Subway 2 to Grand Army Plaza or Franklin Avenue, Subway 3 to Grand Army Plaza, Franklin Avenue or Utica Avenue, Subway 4 to Franklin Avenue or Utica Avenue and Subway 5 to Franklin Avenue.

You do not need to be an Indian to appreciate this event because it is indeed very spiritual and cultural and of course a wonderful experience for everyone.

For those who want to know to know how to get to the West Indian Day Parade 2010 JUST CLICK HERE. You can also visit chiff.com for further details..

And for those who have not yet been into the West Indian Day Parade, here is a video of the West Indian Day Parade 2010.

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  1. trinie says:

    It is ridiculous that Booklyn West Indian Carnival has been in esdtablishment so many years, bring in so much revenue and still not get live air time or live on the net… Macy’s day parade is always run live…


  2. chris says:

    This sounds like Notting Hill Carnival here in London. It’s the biggest street party in Europe and one helluva spectacle. The news reports are only about how many arrests there are though.