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Lebron James’ Mom, Gloria James Affair with Delonte West

Written by: on 16th May 2010 |
Lebron James' Mom, Gloria James Affair with Delonte West  | read this item

Basketball superstar Lebron James is on the spotlight again. No, he did not do anything spectacular in the NBA Playoffs game but his name is in the front page of news magazine for his mom Gloria James. Apparently, there have been some rumors circulating that Lebron James’ mom, Gloria James is having a secret love affair with Delonte West, a fellow basketball player of Lebron James in the team of Cleveland Cavaliers.

Could this be true? My initial reaction upon hearing this rumor was “what?!” I mean besides the age difference of Gloria James and Delonte West, what could be the real reason for this rumor to come out? What could Gloria James get from Delonte West and vice versa? Will anyone of them get a benefit out of it?

Perhaps this could just be a plot against Lebron James to influence his performance in the NBA Playoffs game. Well, if this is one of the purpose of this rumor, it is indeed successful as Lebron James’ performance was seen to deteriorating in games 4, 5, and 6 of the NBA Playoffs game.

Well, what do you think about this rumor? Is Gloria James really having an affair with Delonte West? If it indeed there is something going on between the two of them, I would call it a “mess”. If I were Delonte West and my sole purpose is to uplift my so-called machismo and nothing else, I would rather choose a model type chic than Gloria James.

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