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Leica Revealed Limited Edition M9 “Titanium”

Written by: on 22nd September 2010 |
Leica Revealed Limited Edition M9 "Titanium"  | read this item

Amazingly stunning! The camera maker Leica once and for all left all the audience of Photokina 2010 in awe of their limited edition M9 Titanium. Only 500 precious pieces has been made for sale. Camera enthusiasts would surely fall in line for this must have gadget.

The price wasn’t disclose but it would surely be available on November. What’s making this camera worth every penny is the very thing that it is a ‘Titanium’. According to Leica, “anything that looks like titanium, is titanium.” they are just pressing that the camera is also possessing the characteristic of the Titanium element which includes strong, lustrous, and corrosion-resistant (including sea water, aqua regia and chlorine). Adding up to this, the camera comes along with 35mm Summilux F/1.4 prime lens, lens hood and an amazing single hook for a carry strap plus it is also coated with a fingerprint-resistant overlay.

M9 cameras of Leica cost an average of $20,000 and this limited edition one would surely be more than the average price. If you’re planning to buy one, then you might probably be searching now on how to acquire it because as November takes place the supply will just be run out in a wink of an eye.

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