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Leo Apotheker Becomes New HP Chief Executive

Written by: on 1st October 2010 |
Leo Apotheker Becomes New HP Chief Executive  | read this item

Technology and electronics brand and company Hewlett-Packard Co announced today in New York that 57-year old Leo Apotheker would be its new chief executive officer (HP CEO) and president.

Apotheker is a graduate of International Relations and Economics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is fluent in five languages: Dutch, English, French, German, and Hebrew.

Apotheker, born September 18, 1953 in Aachen, Germany, used to be co-chief executive of German software company SAP with Henning Kagermann back in April 2008. That is actually an achievement for himself because he’s the first executive unable to write software code promoted to SAP’s top spot.

Armed with his background is in sales, management and strategy, Apotheker led SAP to the $7.5 billion acquisition of business intelligence maker Business Objects, the first major acquisition of SAP.

This move did not sit well on some analysts who said that ever since he took the chair at SAP, the company lacked a clear, cohesive strategy for growth. And in February 2010, Apotheker suddenly stepped down as SAP’s CEO amid investor dissatisfaction.

Now, he is the top man in HP. And many are wondering what plans Apotheker has for the global household electronic brand.

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