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Lesnar vs Carwin Fight Video: The UFC 116 Results

Written by: on 4th July 2010 |
Lesnar vs Carwin Fight Video: The UFC 116 Results  | read this item

UFC 116 Play by Play: Brock Lesnar was predicted to lose this game.  Many fans are against him and they cheered for Shane Carwin. The fans did see what they want to see in the first round, Carwin jumped over Lesnar and punished him.

The whole of the first round was for Shane Carwin as he launched a barrage of assault on the Heavyweight champion’s face. Close to a hundred punches landed on Brock Lesnar and his mouth was almost bleeding during that round.

Lesnar was lucky to have escaped from the lock made by Carwin and stand up before the end of the first round. He was later saved by the bell.

Before the second round start Carwin smiled on camera and gestured that he is about to end the match in the second round. The match begins with Carwin and Lesnar circling each other.

Then, Brock Lesnar made his move.

Once he got the chance he made his lock moved and choke Carwin with a Arm Triangle submission from full mount to side control. It was a risky move but Lesnar succeed in doing it. At about 2:42 in the second round Shane Carwin tapped out.

Brock Lesnar won another UFC mixed martial arts match and retain his heavy weight title. Congratulations to Brok Lesnar!

For those who have not watched the fight live you can WATCH IT VIA THIS LINK.

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