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Lion Attack Caught on Video at MGM

Written by: on 9th September 2010 |
Lion Attack Caught on Video at MGM  | read this item

Lion Attack Caught on Video at MGM – After the leak which happened at MGM Resort last week, they are on the news headline once again as a lion in the MGM resort attacked its trainer. The incident was caught on video and reveals how the trainer was surprised to see the lion get upset and decided to take a bite at him.

The video also showed the lion together with a lioness inside their sanctuary at the MGM Resort in Las Vegas. Two trainers were also seen. The two lions was seen relax in the beginning and there was no hint of an impending attack. Out of nowhere the male lion suddenly stood up and attacked the trainer nearest to him.

Luckily the trainer was able to survive the said attack, that is thanks to the other trainer. The trainer attacked by the lion at MGM was treated and released from the hospital after the incident earlier this month.

“What that tells the lion is: that guy’s nervous,” said Dave Salmoni, a big cat expert on Animal Planet. Salmoni tells CNN during an interview related to the incident that lions have heightened senses that tells them the level of uneasiness of a fellow animal or even humans.

Here is the video uploaded on YouTube detailing the lion attack at MGM:

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