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Love The Way You Lie Music Video Premiers on MTV

Written by: on 5th August 2010 |
Love The Way You Lie Music Video Premiers on MTV  | read this item

Love The Way You Lie music video will premier Thursday, August 5 on MTV and VEVO at 9:00pm Eastern. The music video showcase the song of Eminem with Rihanna, Love The Way You Lie.

We heard the first buzz about Love The Way You Lie Music video through the tweet of MTV Jams, “Love the Way You Lie,” the music video for Eminem’s brand new music video featuring singer Rihanna, is due to premiere this week! Tomorrow to be exact.”

Love the Way You Lie Music video is directed by Joseph Kahn and also includes cameo appearances of actress Megan Fox and actor Dominic Monaghan.

Stay tuned and get ahold of MTV and VEO for this latest music video from Rihanna and Eminem. Love the Way You Lie is part of the new album of Eminem entitled Recovery.

Here is a glimpse of the song Love the Way You Lie with lyrics.

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  1. omfgg(owee emm eefff ghhee) lolz i have already seen the video and OMG i love it. the news said dhat it was bad tuh show it weall like really ALL LAUGHED because we know iv ah niggah puts his hands own yu it aint right. (= but dhat video went HARD ma niggah an omg rehannah yu r so effin pretty in this video. and boii yu know yu always look good (= well im out got tuh go baqk tuh school. duces.