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Madden 11 Release Date and New Features

Written by: on 10th August 2010 |
Madden 11 Release Date and New Features  | read this item

Madden 11 Release Date and New Features – Well Madden 11 or Madden NFL 2010 will be released today August 10, 2010. There are also lots of new features to be enjoyed in this game.

Madden 11 release date today will include the release for Playstation 3, XBox, iPhone, as well as for the iPad. Surely thousands and even millions of fans of Madden and NFL will be happy to know this.

What are the new exciting features of Madden 11?

First off, Madden 11 now has a Gameflow. Just plug in your headset of choice and the coach will tell you every play in your ear. This is indeed perfect when playing at home or if you want to experience some cool football simulation.

Madden 11 also introduces Game Planning wherein you can plan games from the play book and then prepare for your next game. Game Planning goes together with Gameflow. The coach will bases his advises on what you have placed in your Game Planning.

The game also introduces more game play power. One particular example is the ability to not only shed a tackle but also change direction while doing so. Besides this there are lot of other exciting improvements which increases the level of gameplay and realism of Madden 11 football experience.

A new kicking meter is also introduced, the power and accuracy meter. The speed of the meter is faster on higher difficulties.

Madden NFL 2011 also introduces new pre-game sequence and features. You’ll see players getting off the bus, hanging out in the locker room, and even team specific rituals like Drew Brees and Saints pre game chant and more.

Madden NF 11 is also one of the best online sports games. The game now introduces a brand new 3-on-3 play. In this new type of online Madden NFL option, 3 players can work on a team and divide the tasks. On offense you’re either in charge of the Wide Receivers, Running Backs, or the Quarterback. On defense your squad responsibilities are the Defensive Line, Linebackers, or Defensive Backs.

So there goes Madden 11 release date and features of the new game from EA Sports.

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