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Making Money through Boxing and Ads: A Boxer’s Tactic

Written by: on 27th September 2011 |
Making Money through Boxing and Ads: A Boxer’s Tactic  | read this item

Wise men in the industry are looking forward to the upcoming boxing match between Pacquiao vs. Marquez for two reasons. One, they are rooting for their country’s representative to win, and they are rooting for the advertisements that they place to double or even triple its worth.

Boxing fans and even other ordinary viewers have easily noticed the trend when it comes to boxing matches these days. It seems that every boxer, especially those who are title holders of several and various categories is commoditized to become advertisements in themselves. Notice how Manny Pacquiao struts his boxing short filled with advertisements both locally and internationally? And yes, he gets paid for that.

If in the past, commercials and ad placements can only be seen on television or in the newspapers, nowadays, they can also be seen when there are boxing matches. Some of the most famous brands and Pacquiao’s sponsors’ are taking advantage of promoting their products and services during his every fight.

And who is Pacquiao to complain? Other than receiving hefty sums of money (and in dollars most of the time) he even gets more for these sponsors and promoters. In fact, after his every game, his boxing shorts immediately become a collector’s item that is also valued at a huge amount of money that his fans can purchase.

So for his up and coming fight with Juan Manuel Marquez, Manny Pacquiao’s fans and other critics are looking forward to watching not only his heavy and blow by blow punches but also the old and new advertisements he will be strutting while on the ring. And they have also become curious now more than ever on how much these advertisements and sponsors will cost with that short exposure time.

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