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Manila Bus Crisis Animated Video on YouTube

Written by: on 27th August 2010 |
Manila Bus Crisis Animated Video on YouTube  | read this item

Manila Bus Crisis Animated Video on YouTube – An animated re-enactment of the hostage bus drama in Manila is now circulating in YouTube.

The animation was created by appledaily.com.hk which eems to be part of NEXT Media. On the animation the re-enactment shows how Mendoza gunned down one hostage near the door and then watch television while on the bus. It also shows a hostage hit by the forced entry of the police into the bus.

The creator of the animation says that, “Even though we need forensic evidence in order to simulate the possible occurrences during the crime this is just a recreation of what happened,”

“It is not 100% accurate and does not intend to mislead people,” the creator further said.

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