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Manila Bus Hostage Taking Shocks the World

Written by: on 24th August 2010 |
Manila Bus Hostage Taking Shocks the World  | read this item

Manila Bus Hostage Taking Shocks the World – A hostage drama in Manila, Philippines which lasted for 11 hours and caused the death of about 8 Hongkong (Chinese) nationals drive shock waves around the world.

Repercussions of travel advisories against the Philippines might just be the consequence of the event that happened, Monday, August 23 at the Quirino Grandstand (Rizal Park) in the Philippines.

A certain Police Senior Insp. Rolando Mendoza boarded Hong Thai Travel and Tours and declared a hostage at around 8:00am Manila Time. The bus had 22 foreign nationals and 4 Filipinos as passengers. The hostage taker then commanded the driver to bring the bus to the Quirino Granstand.

The motive of the hostage taker according to reports was to bring to the attention of everyone including the media the injustice done to him when he was dismissed from the service just 2 years before his retirement.

Police Senior Insp. Rolando Mendoza, was a former member of the Manila Police Squad. He rose from the ranks and had been a multi-awarded policeman. His fellow police officers speaks about him as one with dignity and honor.

This was shown yesterday as he talked with negotiators and then started releasing hostages. It seems that he will not really kill anyone. Then night time falls, his brother was arrested and carried by police like a wild pig. It was an inhuman arrest for me.

The hostage taker seeing all of this unfold on video perhaps was torn apart and lose hi mind. Gunshots was heard inside the bus and then the police snipers began assaulting the bus and firing gunshots at him. The bus moved, more gunshots, and then the bud driver run out and told everyone that everybody was killed.

Luckily the police proceeded slowly and did not assault the bus because th driver was wrong, for there are still survivors inside the bus. About 4 or 5 survivors were rescued and some 8 people were dead including the hostage taker.

A Philippines News site, The News Around Us published an article saying that the whole situation was mishandled, “Police say that they believe Gregorio Mendoza was an accomplish to the hostage taking because he is present at the scene of the crime. But if you happen to be the brother of the hostage taker would you not be there? Would you not care to see what happened and bring sense to your brother?”

“The motive being raised by the police and their reason for arresting Mendoza’s brother for me was illogical and if they had been more prudent the whole bloody ending could have been avoided,” said the article.

Besides this article, majority of the commentaries on other newspapers specially in local Philippine news media and online pointed out the same sentiments.

Did the Manila Police mishandle the situation? Was the media at fault? Or was the whole situation unavoidable?

If there is one thing we are sure of, the aftermath of the whole Manila Bus Hostage Taking shocks everyone.

Watch the video below of an actual video from the Manila Bus hostage taking incident courtesy of Russia Today.

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  1. geraldine says:

    I believed Rolando Mendoza was a good man, he was just triggered to shoot some of his hostages because of what the policemen men did to his brother and family. If he’s really out of his mind,he would probably kill all his hostages and shoot those policemen who were just a few steps away from him but he didn’t.

    The situation was mishandled. It took them more than 10 hours to come up with a wrong move, sorry to say that. Things shouldn’t ended that way if they have done and thought of a brighter idea.

    The media should have delayed the telecast and the PNP should have more physical and mental training when it comes to situations like this. Hindi puro yabang lang, ika nga ng iba..”matapang lang ang mga pulis dahil my baril”…

    I hope this would be a lesson learned to all of us especially those who are in the positions…STOP THINKING OF YOURSELVES, GIVE WHAT IS DUE TO YOUR CORRESPONDENTS, STOP CORRUPTION, AND LEARN TO VALUE LIVES.

  2. Hamsui Lao says:

    You hate Filipinos for the fiasco’s earlier last week, right? then should i hate some Chinese people for the lead poisoning and the melamine contamination!!! wherein not only 8 people died, but hundred maybe even thousands have suffered.
    Is the right to blame a whole nation for a mistake of one man?
    If you do then you are certainly DENSE!!! no argument just an opinion

  3. Fortune says:

    really mistakes can’t be avoided. what if they tried Mayor Alfredo Lim said that they will wait until the hostage taker will be hungry even it will reach the dawn.

  4. Fortune says:

    according to the report and videos i’ve seen, insp./capt.Rolando Mendoza was trigered to fire when they arrested his brother like a pig and the SWAT got closely to the bus which was again forced him to fire. at that moment, the hostage taker knows that he will be shot dead. so without hesitation he fired his gun at any direction. kaya nasabi ng mga hostage victims na parang nawala siya sa kanyang sarili.