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Marquez vs Diaz Rematch Highlights and Results

Written by: on 1st August 2010 |
Juan Manuel Marquez, Juan Diaz
Marquez vs Diaz Rematch Highlights and Results

Juan Diaz, left, throws a right to the head of Juan Manuel Marquez, during the World Lightweight Title Unification bout Saturday, Feb. 28, 2009, in Houston. (AP Photo/The Houston Chronicle, Eric Kayne)  | read this item

Marquez vs DIaz II Boxing Results – For the second year in a row, Juan Manual Marquz and Juan Diaz square it off to see who is the better fighter between them. The main event was held at Las Vegas, Nevada, Saturday night, July 31, 2010. Marquez’s WBO and WBA titles are on the line.

Te first meeting of Marquez and Diaz in the ring was in February of 2009, Marquez (50-5-1, 37 knockouts) came from behind to score a ninth-round knockout of Diaz.

The Marquez vs Diaz rematch was a 12-round boxing fight which many says will only end a few rounds however, the match lasted until round 12 with Juan Manuel Marquez dominating 10 of the 12 rounds.

Juan Diaz did not show much of a challenge against Marquez as Marquez pounded him round after round. Diaz dominated Rounds 2 and 3. In Round 2, Diaz lands an early right hand to the jaw of Marquez which was battle with jabs causing a swelling under Marquez’s right eye.

In Round 3, Diaz continued with the domination landing a series of jabs against Marquez and then blocking Marquez’s punches. Diaz also lands a left uppercut and then followed by two separate three-punch combinations. The crowd at this point began chanting “USA!” in support of Juan Diaz.

Those two rounds however were the last were Diaz would dominate the match. From thereon Marquez had learn and adjusted to the fight and successfully blocks punches by Diaz and lands several jabs and strong punches which hurts Diaz. Marquez retreats when he feels that Diaz is coming back or getting an advantage, then strikes again to deliver more blows.

In the end the Marquez vs Diaz boxing results favor Marquez who won by unanimous decision. The judges scores it 118-110, for Marquez.

Here are the judges scoring: Jerry Roth (116-112), Glenn Trowbridge (118-110), Patricia Morse Jarman (117-111), all for Marquez.

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