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Massachusetts Senate Race Exit Polls: Brown vs Coakley

Written by: on 19th January 2010 |
Massachusetts Senate Race Exit Polls: Brown vs Coakley  | read this item

Here are the latest Massachusetts Senate Race Exit Polls. Massachusetts Senate Race Exit Polls is really hot and in demand right now and a lot of people are looking for the latest and updated Massachusetts Senate Race Exit Polls. Others are also looking for live coverage of the Senate Race. This is gonna be exciting because the results of Massachusetts Senate Race Exit Polls are unpredictable. We’ll never know who will win and who can claim the senate seat. Will it be Brown, or Coakley?

State your guess, and if you’re clairvoyant enough, I think you can guess it right.

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  1. lenny says:

    I would say:
    Don’t make one more mistake- vote for
    Scott Brown

  2. Jack is Back! says:

    There are no exit polls in the Mass special Senate race.
    You have your news wrong. The MSM thought that there would not be a horse-race and that it was a given that the Dem would win. So no investment in the infrastructure or people to do exit polls. You will have to wait like everyone else.

  3. robert says:

    Scott Brown

  4. Richard Young says:

    Brown will win

  5. WRM says:

    There are no Exit polls.

  6. Dale says:

    Bank on Brown for America’s sake. Someone needs to slow this administration down before they bankrupt America.
    Also I don’t want any healthcare that’s not good enough for our government….. That should be the first clue for everyone to question it and say no.

  7. Ricker says:

    Coakley 50.5% t0 49.5%

  8. Jim says:

    I will make this quick and short. America is headed for a world of trouble if the people of the fine stste of Mass. I just hope the have the insight to see we are all in trouble if Brown does not get elected. It is in our hands to try and regain what has been taken from us and future generations to come God Bless America.

  9. Betzy Bazooka says:

    Coakley forgot that having a law degree does not equate to being what the middle class wants.

  10. Jim A. says:

    The weather is playing a factor here. It will keep seniors away because it’s slippery. What does that bode for the candidates? Probably less Coakley voters. I pray Brown wins to bring some balance back to Massachusetts politics. There are many independent voters who are looking for leaders who use common sense instead of being party sycophants.

  11. Wall Street says:

    Doesn’t matter to me. I get your money anyway, no matter what.
    – Wall Street

  12. DC2NM says:

    There are no exit polls. For the sake of this country, Coakley must win. The GOP has done their damage and they don’t want it fixed. They unraveled our economy on the backs on the middle class. Any and all legislation protecting consumers from corporate greed is BLOCKED by the GOP and they tell you it is for your own good.

  13. Jim Conniff says:

    Please God, don’t afflict this already beaten-up nation with yet another cheesy Democrat from a Bay State that has had far too long a destructive influence form that sick Irish “Catholic” source! Help to defeat Coakley.

  14. Desi says:

    Scott Brown will WIN this election

  15. Old Boston Demmy says:

    Even though I’m long dead, I was still able to vote for Coakley today. Twice.

  16. Ricardovitz says:

    I reckon that thar Scott Brown fella’s gonna win. That Coakley gal tain’t nothin but one of Obama’s whores. Folks is sick and tard of Obama pimp’n his Socialism through all his anointed whores.

  17. sue says:

    anyone who says if you work in the emergency room and can’t take abortion or other questionable procedures then get out of the profession, does not need to be elected. i.e. coakley shows little people have no rights, and professional with consciences should be locked up.

    Partial birth abortion, 9 month year old babies forced in breech position and can have skull crushed is not health care! Let’s get it straight once and for all, breathing babies are persons with rights…

  18. Vincent Fiore says:

    we need Brown! I hope the people of Mass give him to the rest of the country!