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Miss Philippines Venus Raj’s Major Major Problem

Written by: on 25th August 2010 |
Miss Philippines Venus Raj's Major Major Problem  | read this item

Miss Philippines Venus Raj’s Major Major Problem – Maria Venus Raj placed 4th Runner-Up in the recently concluded Miss Universe 2010 Beauty Pageant. She had been the talk of the town because of her answer to the question of William Baldwin and her utterance of “major major”.

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For those who don’t know Venus Raj, she is a child born out of wedlock. She was born in Doha, Qatar and after birth her mother take her to Bato, Camarines Sur in Bicol Region, Philippines. Her aunt registered Venus as a Philippine-born child to Roman Catholic parents.

The early life of Venus Raj was not the usual cozy life some enjoys, she lived in a nipa hut made of wood, bamboo and anahaw leaves with no electricity in the middle of a sprawling rice field in the rural Bato town for more than twenty years. She allegedly used rice paddy dikes for her early training where she eventually developed her distinct catwalk.

Venus started to join beauty contests at the age of 17 as well as other contests like oratorical and public speaking. She trained well in Englis and won major contests when she participated in.

Her greatest achievement is winning the Bb. Pilipinas Universe in 2010. However, like her childhood life the Bb. Pilipinas Charities did not make it easy for her. They stripped her off the crown after the alleged inconsistencies between her birth certificate and the personal account of her birth. The organizers failed to understand the situation she was in.

Venus Raj and her fans never surrendered despite what happened and after months of campaign online and offline, she was reinstated to the title of Bb. Pilipinas Universe and was allowed to compete in the Miss Universe 2010.

Venus Raj holds the record as the first-ever dethroned Binibining Pilipinas to have successfully attempted for a reinstatement of a Binibining Pilipinas crown. This had been her biggest problem and also her biggest triumph.

She might not have answered the question well but her accomplishment is far greater than anyone could have imagined. This is Miss Philippines Venus Raj’s major major problem and major major triumph.

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  2. Denver Coloma says:

    Yes, in a field of 83 candidates it was a MAJOR triumph indeed for a young lady who has been struggling most of her life – even until now.

    Thanks to all the people who only sees the small speck in a wide sheet of white.

    And by the way, what is so MAJOR about repeating a word? Even native English speakers cannot claim perfection when talking the language!

    Let’s give it to her… I bet anybody who is asked about the biggest mistake he/she has made cannot and won’t be able to gather enough wits to answer that eloquently in just a minute.

  3. liz says:

    During one of her local interview here in Manila, She was asked if she would have answered differently if given a second chance to answer the question. She said No. She claims that she doesn’t have a “Major” mistake she committed , however she have undergone challenges that was designed by GOD.

  4. alvin wakat says:

    major major problem… dota is the best answer for that,,,

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