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Mobile Banking in Nokia, Soon!

Written by: on 31st August 2009 |
Mobile Banking in Nokia, Soon!  | read this item

CNET Asia reported that Nokia will be offering financial services and mobile banking early next year. As Damian Koh reported, “This is based on US mobile payment solutions provider Obopay’s platform and will allow both Nokia and non-Nokia handset users who don’t have a bank account to carry out basic financial transactions in selected emerging markets.”

This is a great news to all Nokia users around the world, but this is not new. Specially to those who are using mobile banking of their own banks, and for other countries that all people are now into mobile banking.

Like the usual mobile banking services, Nokia can let you send money to another party via it’s mobile phone number, you can pay utility bills, items purchased online, goods, and load your prepaid phone anytime you want.

As of now, there were no announcements about which financial institutions or telecom operators they are working with. The service will be shown at Nokia World in Stuttgart September 2. CNET Asia will update us about this awesome new service from Nokia.

[Via Crave @ CNET Asia]

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