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Mother Kills 8 of Her Children in France

Written by: on 31st July 2010 |
Mother Kills 8 of Her Children in France  | read this item

French Woman Admitted Killing 8 Babies in 17 years – Dominique Cottrez, a mother of two adult daughters, admitted being guilty of killing her eight newly born babies in a span of 17 years. The narration of Cottrez creates a picture that every time she gets pregnant and delivers the newly born baby she suffocate them and then put them in a bag and seal them.

The neighborhood of the small town in France with about 700 residents was shocked to find out the incident. They said that the couple were respectable members of the community and they have no idea of any of the killings.

Cottrez managed to conceal pregnancy to her husband and her daughters she was fat. Cortrrez already had two adult daughters in their late 20s and they were really shocked when they found that their mother did commit such a crime. Meanwhile, her husband denies having any knowledge of the killing incident saying that he was very surprised about the revelations.

“She was secretive, but she never judged us. She accompanied us. She supported us,” one of her daughters said.

When asked of the motive why Cottrez would kill her own child, she responded that the main reason was because she do not want to have a baby anymore. It seems that the mother find killing her own babies better than actually raising them or giving them for adoption.

The police are also investigating the scene of the crime for more information and are also conducting interviews within the neighborhood.

France had several incidents of infanticide before and it seems to be growing as the financial crisis hits the country.

Here is the video of the news about Dominique Cottrez killing 8 of her newly born children.



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