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NASA Space Shuttle Launch Today at Kennedy Space Station

Written by: on 15th May 2010 |
NASA Space Shuttle Launch
NASA Space Shuttle Launch Today at Kennedy Space Station  | read this item

Space Shuttle Atlantis is set to take off and launch today from Kennedy Space Station in Florida at exactly 2:20 PM Eastern Time.This will be the last mission of this space shuttle as US President Obama stopped the funding of space missions of NASA due to budget constraints.

Officials of NASA have consulted weather officials about a possible impending bad weather condition which can delay the Space Shuttle launch. Good thing that they did not find any possible hindrance and the space shuttle’s launch will definitely push through today.

Space Shuttle Atlantis will carry 6 crew members in a 12-day mission to visit the International Space Station. Their primary objective is to carry out an integrated cargo carrier and a mini research module. Its crew consists of 6 astronauts which includes Kenneth Ham, Commander; Dominic A. “Tony” Antonelli, Pilot; Garrett Reisman, Mission Specialist 1; Michael T. Good, Mission Specialist 2; Stephen G. Bowen, Flight Engineer/EV3 and Mission Specialist 3; Piers Sellers, EV2, Mission Specialist and Loadmaster/Lead robotics officer.

Since it launch, Space Shuttle Atlantis has deployed 14 satellites, made 7 MIR docking and 10 International Space Station (ISS) dockings. It also has a total of 31 missions with a total of 185 crews. It had spent 282 days and 28 seconds in space with 4,462 orbits travelling a total of 115,770,929 miles.

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