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National Dog Show winner announced

Written by: on 27th November 2010 |
national dog show
National Dog Show winner announced  | read this item

The 3 year old Irish Setter named Clooney won in the recently concluded National Dog Show. Together with his handler Peter Kubacz, their Cinderella-like presentation wowed the audience and board of judges. Although they only worked together for almost three months, Kubacz revealed that he can really see big potential in Clooney.

“He loves to show. He loves the attention; he loves people; he loves being in the ring and being around all the people and everyone fussing over him. He is a great show dog in that regard.” Kubacz revealed in PawNation.com

In all honesty, the tandem couldn’t believe that they won in ‘Best in Show’ at the National Dog Show. Clooney is one of the youngest among the finalists and the competition is really tough. The fact that Clooney is a natural entertainer contributed a lot for him to achieve this award. Congratulations!

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