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New Glee Season 2 Video Shows Charice Pempengco

Written by: on 5th September 2010 |
New Glee Season 2 Video Shows Charice Pempengco  | read this item

New Glee Season 2 Video Shows Charice Pempengco – The latest promo video of Glee Season 2 is out and it offers more direct look at what fans will expect from Season 2. The new Glee video also shows Charice Pempengco taking on Rachel. ain’t that cool!

Glee Season 2 premiers September 21 on Fox and we will surely be enjoying Season 2, perhaps even more than Season 1. The bitter rivals join forces to combat a more fearsome enemy at the school plus Glee Season 2 offers a lot more of guest stars and special episodes.

Now here is the new Glee Season 2 video with Charice Pempengco.

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  1. jrzee says:

    I can’t wait for Glee! Love Charice!

  2. ejiro says:

    I just can’t stop admiring charice how she sings so lovely and powerful.
    Until now that she’s getting big and better singer crossing all over the world.
    I’m so excited to watch her recurring role on this quite heard show “Glee”, well now I know for sure to keep my eyes for the show. Charice is such a talented girl!

  3. Charice is such a geek on this season.. Can’t wait to hear her voice when she starts singing..