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Newest $100 Bill Unveiled

Written by: on 21st April 2010 |
Newest $100 Bill Unveiled  | read this item

The latest design of USA’s $100 bill was finally revealed today. It is set to be issued next year, February 10. It comes with a very unique Crane & Co. security feature called Motion, containing up to 650,000 microlenses embedded in the printing which will allow for an underlying image to shift when the bill is moved.

Furthermore, when you tilt the bill, Bell in the Inkwell on the front changes color from copper to green. There are still old features retained from the old bill and it includes the portrait watermark of Benjamin Franklin, the security thread, and the color-shifting numeral 100.

The old $100 bill can still be used when this would finally be released in the circulation. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said that they will be continued to be used as legal tenders.

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