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News Video: 7-Year Old Girl's Lemonade Business Shut Down By Police

Written by: on 7th August 2009 |
News Video: 7-Year Old Girl's Lemonade Business Shut Down By Police  | read this item

Tulare, California. A 7-year old girl named Daniela Earnest was selling lemonades when the police came by and told her that she is violating the town’s laws.

Aside from lacking the proper business permits, local authorities said that she is located along a dangerous intersection.


Why is Daniela selling lemonades? Apparently, she wants to save enough money to send her family to Disney Land. Daniela pled her case in front of the town council, which in turn vowed to help her family find a safer location.

What happened next? After seeing her story in the local newspaper, a radio station was moved and gave Daniela two day passes good for four people to Disney. More details in the news report video below:

Source: ABC News

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  1. jehzlau says:

    wow! good thing there’s a concerned local news paper. :)