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Nexus One: The Google Phone

Written by: on 17th December 2009 |
Nexus One: The Google Phone  | read this item

According to several sources, Google has given a new Google phone to its employees and it’s called Nexus One. This Google mobile phone is Android 2.1-based has a touch screen, and is built by Taiwan’s HTC but with no HTC branding and full design control by Google.

Can this be the most competitive challenge that Apple’s iPhone will face?

According to reports: “Google designed virtually the entire software experience behind the phone, from the applications that run on it to the look and feel of each screen. Google appears to want to throw its brand behind a device more directly, designing a phone without working with the wireless carriers that often dictate what features they allow on their networks.”

The Google Phone Nexus One is expected to enter the market by early 2010 and will be sold without a wireless carrier.

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