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Nissan EPORO: Robot cars are now smarter!

Written by: on 4th October 2009 |
Nissan EPORO: Robot cars are now smarter!  | read this item

Here’s another juicy news to satisfy your geekery. We can’t deny the fact that Nissan is really the leading innovator of futuristic thingamajigs and technology. Nissan announced its new Robot car concept. Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.’s new Nissan “EPORO”, which is designed to travel in a group of like-vehicles, mimicking the behavioral patterns of a school of fish in avoiding obstacles without colliding with each other. Now robots are now smarter than ever! It’s like they are seeing each other even if they technically don’t.

Nissan has this astounding Fish Behavior Rules. These are Collision Avoidance, Traveling side-by-side, and Approaching. They can change traveling direction without hitting each other, can travel side by side by keeping a certain distance with each other, and they can gain closer proximity to each other that are at a distance from them.

Nissan doesn’t necessarily plan to commercialize these awesome little robots but aims at employing the underlying technology in their future vehicles. Obviously, the experience gained in the process of designing the Eporo could be used for vehicles that could communicate with each other to avoid collisions. Another potential side effect, according to Nissan, would be that the technology could reduce the number of traffic congestions in the future, as reported by Serkan Toto of TechCrunch.

Imagine if you’re car has this technology, you will never be afraid of texting, eating, and even sleeping while your car is running. The auto-pilot feature that we can only see in science-fiction movies can be a reality with this technology. Is EPORO another awesome innovation from Nissan? I bet it is!

Here’s the full press release from Nissan.

And oh, if you’re from Tokyo, then you’re lucky to see a group of six Eporos next week during the CEATEC 2009.

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