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Nokia Sues LCD Makers For Price Fixing

Written by: on 1st December 2009 |
Nokia Sues LCD Makers For Price Fixing  | read this item

Nokia, the world’s largest mobile phone maker, has filed a suit against several liquid crystal display (LCD) and cathode ray tube (CRT) makers.

The companies involved are reportedly Toshiba, Sharp, Seiko Epson, Samsung Electronics, Philips Electronics, LG Electronics, Hitachi and AU Optronics.

Laurie Armstrong, Nokia’s director of communications says “When certain companies and management employees have already admitted participating in, or are indicted for, global price-fixing cartels involving components that Nokia has purchased, it is reasonable for Nokia to seek redress.”

Nokia also filed a lawsuit against Apple, whose iPhones, Nokia alleges, use technologies that infringe on 10 of Nokia’s patents. Analysts have speculated that compensation due to Nokia could be as high as nearly $1 billion.

Nokia has so far offered no similar public statement on its more recent lawsuits against the LCD makers.

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