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North Korea Talks War; US Holds Military Drill

Written by: on 26th July 2010 |
North Korea Talks War; US Holds Military Drill  | read this item

New Korean War Possible – A new Korean war in the modern era is becoming possible everyday as Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea and its government officials are talking about war and retaliation. Meanwhile, the United States is already conducting military drills in preparation for a possible war.

The USS George Washington which is docked near South Korea have began drills involving fighter jets and submarines. The drill was led by a nuclear-powered US supercarrier. This had greatly enraged the North Korean government and sees it as a show of aggression.

The United States despite a new “peacemaker” President, Barack Obama had not changed its posturing towards known enemies like North Korea. The US themselves through key military leaders said that the drills were done to send a strong message over the sinking of a South Korean warship in March. The sinking incident killed 46 sailors.

“We are showing our resolve,” said Capt. David Lausman, the carrier’s commanding officer.

The tension for a possible Korean war between communist North Korea and democratic South Korea had been increasing over the years. Though both are in a defensive stance since they both know that a war could both obliterate their country with the winner, the United States.

Military drills in North Korea which will run until Wednesday, July 28 involves 8,000 US and South Korean troops, 20 ships and submarines and 200 aircraft. The drills also includes the F-22 stealth fighter, which can evade North Korean air defenses.

“Our military and people will squarely respond to the nuclear war preparation by the American imperialists and the South Korean puppet regime with our powerful nuclear deterrent,” the North’s government-run Minju Joson newspaper said in a commentary headlined, “We also have nuclear weapons.”

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