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Number of Medals Won in 2010 Winter Olympics Sets World Record

Written by: on 1st March 2010 |
Number of Medals Won in 2010 Winter Olympics Sets World Record  | read this item

The recently concluded 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics has just set a World Record in the terms of medal counts. For 17 days, everyone has been keeping on track on what is happening everyday. Aside from the individual events, everyone has been updating on the medal counts. Some are saying that the total number matters but some are focusing on the number of gold medals because it determines the over-all champion.

As for the total number of medals won, USA got 37 all in all. This total number of medals sets a world record in the history of Winter Olympics. The U.S. Team also set an all-time American record for most Olympic Winter Games medals won in a single day by capturing six medals – 3 gold, one silver, and 2 bronze on Wednesday, February 17.

Although USA got the most total number of medals, they didn’t get much number of gold medals. Canada did.  They got a total of 14 golds. They have won more gold medals in Vancouver than in any Winter or Summer Games.

The number of medals really counts in any other Olympic events. The 2010 Winter Olympics was such a spectacular event.



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