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Obama Signs Unemployment Extension Bill to Help Unemployed Americans

Written by: on 23rd July 2010 |
Obama Signed Unemployment Extension Bill
Obama Signs Unemployment Extension Bill to Help Unemployed Americans  | read this item

Obama Signs Unemployment Extension Bill to Help Unemployed Americans – After three unemployment extension votes, finally the Unemployment Extension Bill HR4213 has finally became a law after Obama signed it Thursday afternoon.

The Unemployment Extension Bill was debated for three days in the Congress. Republicans continued to counter its passage since according to them, there’s not much enough funds and that it could just add a burden to the fiscal deficit of the government. However, the Republican filibuster was broken when Carte Goodwin, the Senator who replaced the late Robert Byrd from West Virginia voted “aye” ending to a vote of 60-40 for the Democrats.

The Senate had another vote on the unemployment extension bill the next day after they’ve made amendments into it. Once again, Democrats won in a vote of 59-39 pushing the bill to the House of Representatives for its final approval in the Congress.

Finally, the House of Representatives finally approved it in a vote of 272-152 on Thursday after which Obama signed it immediately to restore desperately needed assistance to 2.5 million Americans who lost their jobs in the recession.

Obama said in a speech after he signed the Unemployment Extension Bill:

Today, I signed the unemployment insurance extension to restore desperately needed assistance to two and a half million Americans who lost their jobs in the recession.

After a partisan minority used procedural tactics to block the authorization of this assistance three separate times over the past weeks, Americans who are fighting to find a good job and support their families will finally get the support they need to get back on their feet during these tough economic times.

Named as H.R. 4213, the Unemployment Extension Bill which finally became a law would extend the filing deadline for unemployment insurance benefits which expired last June 2 to until November 30, 2010. However, this is not the Tier 5 that 99ers are clamoring as it would not create additional weeks of unemployment benefits.

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  1. Michael Livingston says:

    WE desperately NEED a Tier V extension for now, we 99ERS are either finishing re-training or , like myself, have been re-trained and are now working FULL TIME w/OVERTIME (& our “jobscouts” are working 24/7/365–even when were asleep!) searching for that new position for which we have been specifically trained for!!!

    We need basic funds to complete this process. I live 75miles from Detroit,MI, and most of my interviews are conducted there. That’s a $25.00 bill, just for gasoline. While we are working to find a new position WE NEED HELP w/BASIC FUNDS in order to keep a roof over our heads and have something to eat, keep our competers and phones and refridgerators working. We are NOT lazy people. Many like myself have 2 college degrees(I have an AS-Engineering + BS Business Administration + certificates (National) in the medical field for Phlebotomy and EKG Technician. I also have nearly 20 yrs experience in the Medical Laboratory Testing Industry.(30+ years total working and contributing to the system thru taxes,Social Security & Medicare payroll deductions. We deserve a chance to apply our new training & accumulated job experience. By the way, I’m only 52yrs Young! My Wife is permanently disabled from renal cell carcinoma and other issues, she is 8yrs older than me and will most probably never be employed again. But I need to provide for her & our family and wish to continue contributing as a productive member of Society!!

    Please be fair and pass Tier V! WE both NEED & DESERVE IT!!!

    Michael John Livingston July 27th,2010.