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Obama Slipped To Afghanistan Secretly

Written by: on 4th December 2010 |
Obama Slipped To Afghanistan Secretly  | read this item

The President of the United States Barack Obama paid Afghanistan a visit Friday. This trip was unannounced due to tight security reasons. He left the White House at the wee hour of Thursday after the Jewish people celebrated their Hanukkah. The 13-hour trip to the war zone country was accompanied by some reporters who consented confidentiality until such time that the president will officially land.

He was supposed to meet President Hamid Karzai in Kabul but the weather has been unfavorable. A backup plan of secure videoconference was also canceled so the two leaders only had a 15 minute-conversation by phone instead. Obama also visited Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan and told the American troops that he is very thankful of their great sacrifices for the country and that their effort would soon pay off. This time, the country is going on an offense strategy instead of the usual defense. “Today we can be proud that there are fewer areas under Taliban control and more Afghans have the chance to build a more hopeful future,” he told the more 3,000 members of the armed forces in Bagram.

About a year ago, Obama announced to everyone that he will take USA out of the war on Afghanistan and would transfer the management of the Taliban crisis to the Afghan government by 2014.

Karzai and Obama’s relationship has been challenged lately by the graft and corruption pressed on Karzai and the website Wikileaks recently released sensitive U.S. diplomatic cables.

A lot has been hoping that this was would soon to end.

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