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Paris Rosen Injured in Motocross X Games; Video Shows Details

Written by: on 31st July 2010 |
Paris Rosen-Accident
Paris Rosen Injured in Motocross X Games; Video Shows Details  | read this item

Paris Rosen Injured While Doing X Games Stunt -Paris Rosen attempted a front flip for the X Games best-trick-competition Friday however, he landed on his back. Rosen lies on his back motionless on the course for several minutes, the crowd was also shocked of what happened. Silence engulfed Staples Center at the moment of the accident.

Medical personnel then went to the track and loaded him into a gurney and carried him through Staples Center’s back corridors to an ambulance. He was then taken to the nearest hospital and X-ray were taken to verify his condition.

Later that day the crowd at Staples Center was given an update that Paris Rosen was awake, talking and able to move his extremities. Everyone in the venue of the X Games was relieved to know the good news.

Paris Rosen had been in motocross racing for over 10 years. Rosen, 29, grew up in Apple Valley, Minn., and lives in Phoenix. So far during his entire career he had broken only three bones, however we don’t know if there will be additional broken bones after this incident.

“I guess it was a mistake,” said vert winner Cam Sinclair of Australia. “I made a mistake last year in Spain as well…. Mistakes could happen quite easily.”

Here is the video taken during the accident that happened with Paris Rosen at the X Games Motocross.
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