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Paul The Octopus Picks Spain as World Cup 2010 Winner

Written by: on 10th July 2010 |
Paul The Octopus Picks Spain as World Cup 2010 Winner  | read this item

Paul The Octopus Picks Spain Over Holland – The popular “psychic” Paul The Octopus had picked Spain over Netherlands for the World Cup 2010 finals. The whole event was televised live by the media and the octopus unaware of the task he is doing just ate the food at the tank with the flag of Spain.

Reports says that Paul The Octopus is yet to have a wrong prediction in the World Cup 2010. He had made all the predictions so far during the World Cup 2010 including German’s match against Spain. He picked Spain and German fans went berserk over the innocent sea creature.

“Nothing beats grilled octopus,” German fan Dolores Lusch told Reuters. “Cut him up in thin slices and grill him on all sides with a dash of lemon juice, olive oil and garlic on it. Delicious!”

The one above was just a few of how German fans felt when the Octopus sided with their football enemy. Te fact is during the actual game, Germany did lost to Spain, 1-0. Germany was heavily favored to win but suddenly their performance became lackluster.

Would Paul The Octopus be right again? We are sure that the Dutch team don’t want their Netherlands vs Spain match come out as predicted by Paul.

Meanwhile here is the exciting video of Paul The Octopus.

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