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Perseid Meteor Shower Tonight August 12, 2010

Written by: on 12th August 2010 |
Perseid Meteor Shower Tonight August 12, 2010  | read this item

Perseid Meteor Shower Tonight August 12, 2010 – Millions of spectators are expected to gaze the sky tonight as the annual Perseid Meteor Shower lights up the sky today, August 12, 2010.

Perseid Meteor Shower are the remains of the comet Swift-Tuttle that has been observed for about 2,000 years. Named as “Perseid” since it originated from the constellation Perseus, the meteor shower is active this year from July 23 up until August 24, 2010. However, of these dates, the peak will be tonight where approximately 60 or more meteors per hour will be visible in the sky.

According to astronomers who have been observing Perseid Meteor Showers for the past years, the best time to witness it will be the late-night hours of Wednesday August 11, 2010 on through the first light of dawn on the morning of Thursday, August 12, 2010 and then again during the late-night hours of August 12, 2010 into the predawn hours of August 13, 2010.

Perseid Meteor Showers are visible in a dark and clear sky free of city lights. They can be usually seen all across the sky. However, the path of the orbit of the comet Swift-Tuttle makes the meteor shower mainly visible to those located in the northern hemisphere part of the globe.

As early as now, set your alarm clocks and try your best to wake up later midnight to witness the spectacular Perseid Meteor Showers as they light up the sky in the form of what has been known as “shooting stars”. Hopefully the weather will be good tonight as we all together gaze to the sky. Don’t forget to find the perfect spot where the sky is very clear. Perhaps this would also be the perfect time to be with your partner.

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