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Pornstar “Chippy D” is Montana Fishburne

Written by: on 31st July 2010 |
Pornstar "Chippy D" is Montana Fishburne  | read this item

Montana Fisburne, Laurence Fishburne’s 19 Year Old Daughter Does Porn as Chippy D – Laurence Fishburne’s daughter have gone rebel and at 19 years old she had been the newest addition to the porn business. A video of her had been spotted with adult film star, Brian Pumper introducing her as Chippu D.

Brian Pumper talks endlessly about how a newbie like Chippy D aka Montana Fisburne performs well and does all that is needed to perform well in a porn movie. Chippy D is just smiling on the corner wearing a shirt in which her upper top is almost revealed.

The video of Brian Pumper and Chippy D was uploaded at CarltonJordan,com. There was a lot of F and S in the words and sentences of Brian Pumper and it seems Chippy D is happy with what she is doing. We wonder how her father, Laurence Fishburne will react to this.

“As long as you perform well… I know what am doing and I do it well so I have confidence,” says Chippy D. Sounds like a real porn star already who’s ready to bare all her body just to be a star.

For those who want to see the Montana “Chippy D” Fishburne video check it out HERE,

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  1. Lawrenceratliff says:

    Please done hurt your father that way you are a beautiful black womam most of us ( Black people )are poor and we dont have a father that we can be proud of and I know he has made mistakes , but he has worked his ass off to make sure that you eat and you have never been poor God has blessed you with a father we can all be proud of and you want to disgrace his name and yours for fame and money , baby he loves you stop doing what you plan to do , and he loves you he might act like he dont but he dose and we love his work and we love you baby please stop doing what you plan to do we love you Montana….