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President Noynoy Aquino Answers Media Panel Questions on Manila Hostage Crisis

Written by: on 9th September 2010 |
President Noynoy Aquino Answers Media Panel Questions on Manila Hostage Crisis  | read this item

President Noynoy Aquino Answers Media Panel Questions on Manila Hostage Crisis – Philippine President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III called for a media panel, Thursday, September 9 for the specific purpose of clearing all issues concerning the Manila Bus hostage crisis last August 23 at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila, Philippines.

The media panel was composed of the top three televisions stations, GMA 7, TV 5 and ABS-CBN. The representatives from the three media groups asked no-holds-barred questions about the incident which claim the lives of 10 Hongkong nationals. Paulo Bediones, Mel Tiangco and Ted Failon grilled PNoy for one and a half hours.

President Aquino said that he was in complete monitoring of the whole situation on August 23 and maintained close contacts to those handling the crisis. He said that he did not went to the incident site because it might complicate the situation and the hostage taker, Rolando Mendoza might ask for more conditions and request.

PNoy also said that he was confident with those handling the situation because he believes that they had been trained well to handle such a situation. If they are not trained, he said that it would be impossible for them to reach such a high rank in the police.

As the hostage crisis progressed and the assault of the bus began in the evening, Aquino said that he was totally disappointed with what he saw. He reiterated that such an operation should be past and free of any error but that is not what happened during that day. After he saw that Aquino said that he immediately look for those in charge and found them at the Emerald.

“This incident will not define this administration. In the end, my administration will be judged on what we have accomplished and what we will accomplish in the coming years: a reduction in poverty and the restoration of a government that is honest in its efforts to build a better nation,” Aquino reiterated.

He also said that there is no faction in his cabinet and depends his management style saying that he is a president that wants everybody to have a voice and a share in the decision making. He told everyone that he is not a person who always likes to be at the center of news and attention and always being the hero.

“Our government is now focused on taking the necessary steps to prevent this tragedy from ever happening again,” he said.

When asked why no officer had been fired or dismissed yet, Aquino said that he is waiting for the findings of the Incident Investigation and Review Committee (IIRC) headed by Justice Secretary Leila de Lima before deciding which officials need to be removed from office for their failings during the hostage crisis.

The report and findings of the IIRC will also be part of the documents that will be brought to Hongkong by the high level delegation to be headed by Vice President Jejomar Binay. They will also be bringing a personal letter from President Aquino.

For those who want to see the video of the media panel question, you can CLICK HERE.

What do you think should be done to prevent this from happening again? Do you think it is right to blame the Philippine government for what had happened? Share your views.

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  1. elena senson says:

    i want to see our president noynoy to anwser the question about the manila hostages