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Prop 19 Results: Did Prop 19 Pass in California?

Written by: on 3rd November 2010 |
Prop 19 Results: Did Prop 19 Pass in California?  | read this item

Prop 19 Results: Did Prop 19 Pass in California? – A landmark legislation that would allow the cultivation, use and sale of marijuana had been up in the ballot in California. The proposal is dubbed as the California Proposition 19 or California Prop 19.

Proposition 19 would legalize possession of up to an ounce of marijuana and use of it in non-public places for those ages 21 and over. They would also be allowed to grow it in private plots. Local governments would also be permitted to allow issuance of permits for commercial pot cultivation and sales.

California Prop 19 is supported by those who argues that the measure will be a source of tax revenue and a sensible experiment for reducing marijuana-related arrests and crime.

Today, the Prop 19 results in California came in and we have the resounding answer of the voters. Did Prop 19 pass in California?

The answer is NO. The voters in California rejected Prop 19 with a vote of 55% against it and 45% in favor of it. Proponents of Prop 19 however are not conceding yet and they say that they will try again in 2012.

It seems that this elections those who argued that the free consumption of marijuana would increases the risk of accidents, have consequences in the workplace and create a legal platform for drug traffickers in California had triumphed.

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