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Red Bull Flugtag 2010 Long Beach Today

Written by: on 21st August 2010 |
Red Bull Flugtag 2010 Long Beach Today  | read this item

Red Bull Flugtag 2010 Long Beach Today – 36 teams will compete for the Red Bull Flugtag 2010 at Long Beach today. Each of the team wiull try to fly a man-made craft through a jumping board made by Red Bull. The end of the jumping board is water so they are safe even if the machine did not fly very well.

Todays Red Bull Flugtag 2010 will be held at the Rainbow Harbor. This is the small ocean inlet surrounded by the Lions Club Lighthouse. Also, it is near restaurants like Gladstone’s and Parker’s Lighthouse and directly across from the Queen Mary.

The stage for the flying event will take place off the Pine Avenue Pier and those who intend to watch are advised to be early. The gates for the event opens at 11:00am and the actual Red Bull Flugtag 2010 flying spectacles begins at 1:00pm.

This year we will be seeing a Team from Microsoft who decided to join and explore more than just power computing. Before the launch, the pilot and four pushers will dance to a song featuring Windows startup and shutdown sound effects. They will wear full-body skintight Morphsuits in the Windows colors.

“This is all about fun. And … victory! Mostly it’s about fun, though. And … victory! We’re packing all of our nerd energy into our 30-second skit, complete with suave charm, blistering wit, and blinding good looks.”

Here are the rest of the 37 teams who will be competing for this years Red Bull Flugtag:

Team 01: Flight of the Spruce Goose
Team 02: New Year. No Limits.
Team 03: Three Amigos
Team 04: Green Army Men
Team 05: Fancy Feet
Team 07: You Can’t Fly This Productions
Team 08: Team Jetsons
Team 09: 7-Eleven FOA San Diego Warriors
Team 10: Hare Hotelier and the Hops
Team 11: Team Stealth Ginger
Team 12: Unexpected Delivery
Team 13: The Parrot Heads
Team 14: Team Peepin’ It Real
Team 15: Windows Project Phoenix
Team 16: Manny Wood
Team 17: Gilligan’s Revenge
Team 18: Remember the Tritons
Team 19: The K-Men
Team 20: Auto Club Speedway
Team 21: Fish’n’CHiPs
Team 22: You Fly Like a Girl
Team 24: Dino’s Danger
Team 25: Riding in the G-Funk Era
Team 27: Band of Bruins
Team 28: The Hosers
Team 29: Down in Smoke
Team 30: Flies like a Butterfly, but Stings like a Ray
Team 31: Sgt Peppers Flying Pianos
Team 32: Airforce 1
Team 33: Flight of the Vigilante
Team 34: Green Machine
Team 35: Team Roundhouse
Team 36: TEAM Coast Guard

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