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Redskins vs Cowboys Recap: NFL 2010 Season Week 1

Written by: on 14th September 2010 |
Redskins vs Cowboys
Redskins vs Cowboys Recap: NFL 2010 Season Week 1

1983 NFL Playoffs: Washington Redskins vs Dallas Cowboys Credit: Manny Millan SetNumber: X27941 TK2  | read this item

Redskins vs Cowboys Recap: NFL 2010 Season Week 1 – Fans were frustrated at how the Redskins vs Cowboys game turned out last night. Both teams committed errors on the field and the game was defined by those errors.

The expected strength that will be shown by McNabb who is debuting for the Washington Redskins was shutdown and Romo could not get that many points. However, Romo managed to gain some points towards the ends however it would not be enough to get the win. The Washington Redskins won the game, 13-7.

This will be a good start for Donovan McNabb and coach Mike Shanahan who scored not only a win on their season opener but on their debut game as part of the Redskins squad. McNabb completed 15 of 32 passes for 171 yards for the Redskins that night while Romo was 31 for 41 for 282 yards for the Cowboys.

Watch the final play of the Redskins vs Cowboys game at the NFL 2010 Week 1.

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