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Roxxxy Robot Girlfriend: Price and Pictures of the World’s Most Amazing Toy!

Written by: on 12th January 2010 |
Roxxxy Robot Girlfriend: Price and Pictures of the World's Most Amazing Toy!  | read this item

Roxxxy Robot Girlfriend gets more and more popular everyday. It’s known to be the first lifesize robotic sex companion. It’s uber cool and awesome specially if you’re a geek or nerd and you don’t have any girl friend to share time with your geekery. You can converse and do a lot of things with ROXXXY Robot Girlfriend.

Another interesting feature is that it knows when someone is holding her. It has this very sensitive feature that was demonstrated during the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. ROXXXY Robot Girlfriend said “I love holding hands with you” when it sensed that its creator touched its hand! Now that’s fantastic eh? Think of something that you can do to her and do it! Imagine what will she say to you. I’m really really curious of doing something and will wait what will be ROXXXY Robot’s response. Haha!

Douglas Hines, founder of Lincoln Park, N.J.-based True Companion LLC, said Roxxxy can carry on simple conversations. The real aim for Roxxxy Robot Girlfriend is to make it something, I mean, someone the owner can talk to and relate to.

Roxxxy will also be able to synthesize phrases out of prerecorded words and sounds. If you want to buy one of these, you have an option to select different personalities of Roxxxy Robot Girlfriend. From naughty, innocent, wild, or anything that you can think of.

Roxxxy Robot Girlfriend will cost around $7,000 to $9,000, including all the needed accessories to make it run. Shipping of Roxxxy Robot is expected to start by the end of the first quarter of 2010.

Now I’m really looking forward to have one of this at home!

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