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Russel Brand and Katy Perry Wedding Pictures wanted by fans

Written by: on 25th October 2010 |
katy-perry-russell brand
Russel Brand and Katy Perry Wedding Pictures wanted by fans

A picture of Katy Perry and Russell Brand in front of the Taj Mahal, posted to Perry's Twitter page. Original Filename: twitter katy perry russell brand.jpg  | read this item

Controversial singer Katy Perry finally got married yesterday to her boyfriend Russell Brand. The wedding took place somewhere in India and according to the couple’s close friends, the two wore a traditional Indian attire as they had a Hindu ceremony. Being a fashion icon in the music industry, a lot of people are curious to see how they looked like during the wedding.

Unfortunately for now, there are no wedding photos released to the press yet. Just like any other ordinary couples getting married, we assume that they want this to be a private one. The fact that the wedding ceremony took place in India is also a contributing fact on why traditional media wasn’t allowed to cover this special event.

The supporters of Katy Perry expressed how happy they are as she enters the world of married life. They wholeheartedly expressed their feelings via blog sites and online forums. It will only prove that they do love Katy Perry whether she is playing her role as a musician or as the lady behind the Hot ‘n Cold persona. We will post Katy Perry’s wedding photos immediately once we find them.

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  1. AMITA says:

    congratulations and best wishes kety.