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SmartNav 4 EG: Hands-Free Mouse

Written by: on 29th August 2009 |
SmartNav 4 EG: Hands-Free Mouse  | read this item

Introducing, the SmartNav 4 EG or more popularly known as the hands-free mouse. Yes, it’s a computer mouse pointer that doesn’t require hands.

Why would you need a hands-free mouse? Well, it’s a good way to avoid stress from your wrists when using the computer for long periods and it will help you prevent having Carpal tunnel syndrome.

So how does the SmartNav 4 EG work? Well, it is an infared mouse controller. All you need to do is put the device atop of your monitor, and it will track a reflective spot on the user’s glasses, hat, or forehead.


How do you perform mouse clicks? By blinking your left or your right eye… just kidding. You can click with a keyboard key, a voice command, or a USB foot and hand switch.

How much is the SmartNav 4 EG? It’s currently selling for about $399.

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