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Some Trivia About The Super Bowl

Written by: on 4th February 2011 |
Some Trivia About The Super Bowl  | read this item

The NFL Super Bowl is one of the most watched and most anticipated sporting events of the year. Even people who normally don’t watch the sport tune in for the big game. Here are some little known facts about the biggest football game of the year.

Most Consecutive Appearances at the Super Bowl
The Buffalo Bills made four consecutive appearances at the 1990, 1991, 1992, and 1993 Super Bowls, yet they have never won a Super Bowl title. Prior to the establishment of the Super Bowl, the Cleveland Browns made six consecutive appearances in NFL Championship games.

Most Wins
The Pittsburg Steelers have one more Super Bowl titles than any other team. Their current record stands at six wins and one loss. They will have the opportunity to earn their seventh title when they attend the 2010 Super Bowl.

NFC No Show
The Detroit Lions are the only team in the NFC (National Football Conference) to never attend a Super Bowl. However, they won the NFL championship in 1935, 1952, 1953, 1957 prior to the existence of the Super Bowl.

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No Playoff Appearances
The Houston Texans, the newest addition to the NFL which formed in 2002, has never made it to NFL playoffs.

Roman Numerals
Each Super Bowls is represented by a roman numeral. There have only been three Super Bowls with a single numeral – Super Bowls One, Five, and Ten (I, V, and X). The next single numeral game is Super Bowl 50 (L) in the year 2016. The following wont be until Super Bowl 100 (C) in 2066.

Longest Dry Spell
The Arizona Cardinals appeared in the 2009 Super Bowl against the Pittsburg Steelers. This was their first championship game since they played as the Chicago Cardinals in 1947.

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Commercial Costs
In 1967 during the first Super Bowl, a 30-second television commercial cost $42,000. The same length commercial during the 2011 Super Bowl will cost up to $3 million.

City to Host Most Super Bowls
The Louisiana Superdome has hosted more Super Bowls than any other stadium. The arena is scheduled to host the Bowl for the seventh time in 2013.

Super Bowl MVP
Joe Montana is the only player to win the Super Bowl MVP award three times. Over half of all MVP titles have gone to a team quarterback.

Super Bowl Coaches
Don Shula (Baltimore Colts and Miami Dolphins) has served as the head coach in more Super Bowls (six) than any other coach. Chuck Noll (Pittsburg Steelers) with four titles has the most wins for a coach.

Source: Super Bowl Official Website – History

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