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Sony PlayStation 3.5?

Written by: on 19th August 2010 |
Sony PlayStation 3.5?  | read this item

Sony Playstation 3.5 On The Way – The latest update and iteration to Sony’s PlayStation 3 video-game console/Blu-ray player is now officially done. The new PS3 version will now come with a bigger storage and a new wireless controller.

One of the Sony PlayStation 3.5 models comes wit a 160-gigabyte hard drive and a list price of $299.99. This price is at par with the current PS3 120 GB model.

Another version of the so called Sony PlayStation 3.5 is tagged at $399.99 and will be shipped beginning September 19. This model will include a 320Gb storage plus the Move wireless, motion-sensitive controller that Sony unveiled at June’s E3 convention. It will also come along with the PlayStation Eye camera required by the Move and a few bonus titles.

For those who already owned PS3 you can buy a stand alone Move controller for $49.99 or pay $99.99 for a bundle of the remote and the Eye.

The Playstation 3 debuted in 2006 with 20Gb and 60Gb models. Since then Sony had add modification and hardware changes to the PS3 which includes WiFi connectivity, resizing of the console, various software updates and the latest the added support for 3-D HDTV earlier this year.

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