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South Korea Plans to Reunite with North Korea

Written by: on 15th August 2010 |
south and north Korea
South Korea Plans to Reunite with North Korea  | read this item

If you come across any news regarding South and North Korea, one thing has been common, these countries are in the height of a tension. They are well separated and their borders are well guarded. These countries are opposite in a lot of things and one of which is the kind of government that they have.

As what has been posted in CNN, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak has proposed a plan to reunite his country with North Korea and suggested a tax to prepare for the costs expected if the two countries come together, South Korea’s state media said Sunday.

South Korean president Lee said that the two countries should form a “peace community”. “Today inter-Korean relations demand a new paradigm,” Lee said in a speech to mark the 65th anniversary of Korea’s independence from Japanese colonial rule, as what Yonhap reported.

Yonhap further reported that: “It is imperative that the two sides choose coexistence instead of confrontation, progress instead of stagnation. The two of us need to overcome the current state of division and proceed with the goal of peaceful reunification,” Lee added.

Just recently, there was a tension going on with the two countries wherein a South Korean warship sank killing 46 sailors. North Korea has been cited to be responsible of the incident however continued to deny the charges until now.

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