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Spain vs Argentina International Friendly Soccer Highlights and Results

Written by: on 9th September 2010 |
Spain vs Argentina International Friendly Soccer Highlights and Results  | read this item

Spain vs Argentina International Friendly Soccer Highlights and Results – It was a blowout for Argentina as they demolished the World Cup 2010 Champions, Spain in an International Friendly soccer match on September 7, 2010 at Buenos Aires. The match debut of Argentina’s new coach, Sergio Batista ensured that Argentina is back on its feet and will demolish every team on its path.

Lionel Messi provided the first goal for Argentina on the 10th minutes and followed by another flashing goal from Gonzalo Gerardo Higuaín on the 15th minute. The first half ended with frustration for Spain as they trail 2-0.

The Buenos Aires fans were excited to begin the second half and eager to see how Spain would react to the developments. Spain reshuffled their players and came out with much more direction and purpose on the second half. Fernando Llorente of Spain lead the game and Spain even had a wonderful chance early in the second half but once again failed to score.

After humiliation in the first period a reshuffled Spain time came out with much more direction and purpose after half time, helped by target man Fernando Llorente holding the ball up well. The rangy striker had a wonderful chance early on, but failed to hit the target with a free header.

Carlos Tevez of Argentina once again delivered the goal on the 34th minute after Spain’s defense opened up. Spain is nearing a total collapse with the game about to end but thanks to Fernando Llorente Torres who managed to score Spain’s lone goal in the game at the 84th minutes.

Everyone thought that it was over and they are just waiting for the clock to sound the end of the game but it was not. With just a minute to go Kun Agüero, made the final goal for Argentina which nails the final blow to the World Cup champions.

Fans said that although Spain lost to Argentina, their performance is better than one can expect. After Argentina revitalized their team soccer experts says that they are twice better or even more than the Argentina team during the World Cup 2010.

Check out the Spain vs Argentina video highlights below:

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  1. Md. Sabder Ali says:

    I want to know live score.

  2. Fariha says:

    Amazing!!!! I’m too much happy like all the argentina’s supporters

  3. M Zaman Khokon says:

    I LOVE ALBECELESTE, and want them play out all the great teams.

  4. nafaiz says:

    spain wil be bak

  5. Krit says:

    I knew Spain didn’t win by chance, love Argentina

  6. saunik says:

    fuck off argentina!

  7. sadaf says:

    Argentina is back in action

  8. santesh mother says:

    those who love spain, get to hell n hav sum fuk. they dont deserve to b a champion, bloddy mother fukers spain.

  9. Robert says:

    Argetina is very good at beating Spain’s second choice. Let’s hope everbody else keeps their star players at home at the worldcup in brazil.
    Go Argentina!!!!

  10. rubern says:

    spain played better than argentina….spain use most of their reserve players…nt like argentina…..didnt take messi properly….south americans teams,suck our europeon,s cock…..fuck off argentina…..

  11. jaber says:

    spain is better because in that match they didnt have puyol ramos casillas,

  12. juan says:

    spain sucks messi is argentina thats wy they won ahahh

  13. messi says:

    at least we won

  14. shayan says:

    argentina terminated spain just messi