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Spain vs Netherlands: World Cup 2010 Finals Analysis

Written by: on 12th July 2010 |
Spain vs Netherlands: World Cup 2010 Finals Analysis  | read this item

Spain vs Netherlands: Star Players vs Total Football – Paul the Octopus says Spain will win? However, I still want for the results to differ, I want Netherlands to win.

In the 1970s Netherlands became renowned for their total football but they eventually lost two World Cup finals in 1974 and in 1978. Today they are once again in the finals and have a good chance to show the power of Total Football.

Spain’s power rests with its star players from Barcelona and Real Madrid. In David Becham’s 11 best football player selection for the World Cup 2010, four are from Spain and only one is from Netherlands.

Spain has the likes of Sergio Ramos, who is said to be one of the most determined and committed defenders. Then there’s David Villa, the top scorer at the tournament so far, and Becham says is one of the world’s best finishers.

Spain power does not end there because they also have Xavi who is one of the most intelligent passer and play maker the world of football has ever seen. Then came, Carles Puyol, the player who had been instrumental for the passage of Spain to the finals. Then we have not mentioned yet Fernando Torres, who made the winning goal in the European Championship in 2008.

Five players against two top players from Holland, Arjen Robben and Wesley Sneijder. Sneijder is tied with David Villa for the number of goal and might be increased today.

By all the looks of it, seems like Paul the Octopus is right that Spain will come out as the victor. Spain had never won a World Cup before and this might be their best chance to win.

Netherlands on the other hand has the passion and the determination to make a difference this time. They have reached this far in this World Cup and they only need to win one more game. They might not have the best players but in a team where everyone could excel, lots of things could happen.

So what will be the ending of the World Cup 2010? Will Holland suffer the same fate in 1974 and 1978? I hope not.

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  1. king says:

    netherlands is gonna win..

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  3. Emperor of Spain says:

    Netherlands will win

    Who cares about Beckham’s selection.