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Speech of President Noynoy Aquino for the First Death Anniversary of his mother, Former. Pres. Cory Aquino

Written by: on 1st August 2010 |
Speech of President Noynoy Aquino for the First Death Anniversary of his mother, Former. Pres. Cory Aquino  | read this item

Corazon “Cory” Aquino had been one of the icons of democracy in the world. I was young when the event of February 1986 happened but still I know that what’s happening is something great. The passion of Cory Aquino for democracy and for the welfare of the Filipino people had been more than that of her own life.

Today, August 1, 2010, WWNN joins the Filipino people in commemorating the First Death Anniversary of former Philippine President Corazon Aquino, the mother of now President Noynoy “PNoy” Aquino.

We would like to share to everyone as part of our commemoration the Speech of President Noynoy Aquino for the First Death Anniversary of his mother, Former. Pres. Cory Aquino. Cory Aquino will always be remembered by the world.

A year ago today many of you shared our grief when our mother passed away.

The days we spent here in Lasalle were marked with sadness. What gave us the strength to endure it was the love and sympathy from you our dear friends, who joined us in bidding our mother good bye one last time.

Her long struggle against cancer was over, and with it, I thought, the hope that she embodied for our country. What we did not expect was that in the coming days, our feeling of loss would reverberate throughout the nation.

We all witnessed it together, long queues of mourners, enduring the heat and occassional rains outside this campus, folks travelling from other provinces and sleeping on flattened cardboard boxes. People from all walks of life coming in droves for 5 days; in La Salle, Ayala Avenue, Manila Cathedral and in the 9 hour procession to the Manila Memorial Park.

That true expression of love for our mother soon evolved into renewed hope for our long, suffering nation. It is still quite difficult to grasp, how one person’s death could have such a huge impact in our nation in such a short time. However, Cory Aquino was one extraordinary woman, who, in so many milestones in her life, had already made the impossible possible.

Napakarami pong nangyari sa loob lamang ng isang taon. Ang pagpanaw ng ina namin ang syang nagtulak sa maraming taong pilitin at hamunin ako na tumakbo bilang pangulo.

Sa pagbababang luksa natin, sa tulong ng Maykapal at sa balikat ng taumbayan, ako po ay narito bilang inyong pangulo. For those who came before us ang taught us, by words and deeds, how to love, live and believe, it is our duty to bear that torch forward. Tinanggap ko ang hamon alang-alang sa ipinaglaban ng aking magulang. Ipagpapatuloy ko ito sa tulong ninyo.

The clamor of our people for change is so deep and so widely expressed that none of us can afford to be bystanders. Each of us has a duty: to fulfill our social contract with the Filipino people by putting the interest of others before ourselves. We can only end poverty if we fight corruption, and this is where everyone has a major role to play. It could be done in simple ways, by showing common courtesy to strangers, by paying taxes, by following traffic rules and by disposing of our waste properly. I will soon be living by the Pasig river, which used to be a major thoroughfare; its degredation will serve as a daily reminder to me of how careless we can be about our environment. This too is a form of corruption.

Does it take that much to stop our neighbors from destroying these resources we could do even more, by reporting any wrongdoing that might be brought to our attention. Let us challenge ourselves and our leaders to brave the straight path. Naumpisahan na natin sa pamamagitan ng pagpatay ng mga wangwang at pagpigil sa mga naghahari-harian sa daan.

Sana naman po, sa ilan pang pagkakataon ay susunod pa rin kayo at itutuloy ang maganda nating nasimulan. Paalala lang po, hindi madali ang ating trabaho, sapagkat may ilan na pinaglalaban pa rin ang nakagisnan nilang mali, subalit hindi ko pababayaan ang tiwalang ipinagkaloob ninyo at ang pagkakataon na isulong ang makabuluhang pagbabago.

I have already laid out some of our plans in our state of the nation address. From public-private partnerships, to the laws that we need to pass. There is real and growing interest from various sectors in our efforts to rebuild and to expand. The challenge is to convince those who would want to support us that we are fair, just and sincere in our intentions to help our country. We can do this if we live our lives trying to emulate Cory Aquino’s example in our service to our people and our countrymen.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers who helped us to where we are now, and are still with us in the more difficult part of the journey towards change. You do make it easier for us, to overcome the hardships that we face each day, may your numbers increase as your efforts persist.

Nung pumanaw po ang ating ina, nag-umpisa sa kadiliman, napunta sa liwanag. Lahat ay muling umasa at nangarap. Ngayon isang taon na pagkatapos po noon, minumungkahi ko po, tara na po sa tunay na katarungan.

Tara na po sa ganap na kaayusan at kaunlaran.

Tara na po sa kasaganaan para sa lahat.

Tara na po, sa tuwid na landas.

Tara na po sa kaganapan ng pinangarap nina Ninoy at Cory.

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