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Staples Center is now crowded for Game 7 of NBA Finals 2010

Written by: on 18th June 2010 |
Staples Center is now crowded for Game 7 of NBA Finals 2010  | read this item

Hi Guys, I’m live blogging here outside Staples Center, Los Angeles, California. People from all over the United States have gathered in one place to witness the last NBA Game for this year. As we all know, this is the 7th game of the NBA Finals.

Both teams scored 3 in the 6 previous games. Only one more win, and it’s either the Los Angeles Lakers or the Boston Celtics will go home with flying colors.

Thousands of NBA fans, most of them are from Boston and Los Angeles are now falling in line outside Staples Center. They are so excited to watch the 2010 NBA Finals.

We still can predict who will win tonight’s game. A lot are saying that the Lakers will surely win, and a lot are also saying the Boston Celtics will surely win. We have no exact figures how many are these “lot”.

WWNN.co.uk interviewed some of the avid fans who are waiting outside Staples Center for the start of tonight’s game.

Tyrone Solee, 21, a resident of Barnstable, Massachusetts said “I’m pretty sure Boston Celtics will dominate tonight’s game. We’ll witness Ray Allen’s awesome performance like never before.”

We’ve also interviewed Micaela Rodriguez, a 50-year-old basketball fanatic from Beaumont, Riverside, California. “I’ve been waiting for this night and I’m so sure that the Los Angeles Lakers will win the 2010 NBA Finals. Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol will surely bring home the bacon for the LA Lakers”, Micaela said.

This is the latest updates live from Staples Center, Los Angeles, California! We’ll be posting more updates during the game and after the game!

Let’s all watch Game 7 of Celtics vs Lakers live from Staples Center, Los Angeles, California!

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  1. jeffrey says:

    i want to watch the full game 7 nba finals of lakers vs celtics 2009-2010